EINLEIKARAFELAG FØROYA   -  Faroese Soloists Society                


Faroese Soloists Society


Society of Faroese musicians and singers active in the Faroe Islands and abroad was founded in 2007  

Full membership of Nordic Soloists Council was obtained in 2008.

The Society hosted and organized the annual meeting and concert of the Nordic Soloists Societies in November 2009

Apart from the meeting a concert was held in The Nordic House in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

Representatives from the Nordic countries featured at this event.

At the annual meeting in March 2013 the chairman since the formation in 2007 Ólavur Jakobsen, decided not to continue.

The new board is:

Jóhannes Andreasen, chairman - Ragnar A. Olsen, treasurer - Tóri Restorff Jacobsen - board member













Jóhannes Andreasen, chairman

Tóri R. Jacobsen, board member

Ragnar Olsen, treasurer



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